v     (Sherri) One of my crazy friends knew I wanted to meet a smart, considerate, loving, handsome, goal oriented guy. She decided to introduce me to a friend of a friend by email.

v   (Mario) One of my clients that knew I was single, asked if I would want to meet an intelligent and attractive girl. I accepted his offer, and exchanged email addresses.

v     On March 21, 2000, we began to email one another, send each other pictures, and we spoke on the phone. That Saturday, March 25th, we decided to meet each other for the first time. We met at Denny’s restaurant late that night around 12:00am, Sunday March 26th .  That was the beginning of our “late night adventures” together. We talked at Denny’s till 5:00am that morning. Arrangements were made to go out that evening, Sunday, which was our first official date. We went to the Irvine Spectrum; had dinner at Dave and Busters, browsed around at Borders, saw the movie “Mission To Mars”, window shopped, and held hands as we enjoyed the cool evening and beautiful sky together. .

By June 19th, 2000, we were officially a couple and on December 24, 2001, we were engaged. 

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